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Going Way Back

What does 73 years of heritage and experience look like? Well, it can’t be bought. It can’t be faked. And it certainly can’t be copied. It must be earned.

Earned by showing up for the grind day after day, year by year. Earned by delivering on promises, project after project. And earned by having a relentless focus on being experts at what we do. Ours is not a flashy approach, rather, we are driven by a deep passion based on helping people communicate effectively, because we believe in the power of the written word.

Claridge was there after World War II, helping schools and businesses get a fresh start. Our boards were there during the space race, helping brainstorm how to land a man on the moon. We were there during the 80’s & 90’s when America boomed and busted. Claridge boards have persisted during the rise of the digital age, even when some have questioned the need for traditional writing surfaces. And Claridge continues to thrive today. Thanks to the years of experience and craftsmanship, passed down from generation to generation, we are the writing surface experts.

Claridge Today

The Writing Surface Experts

As the leader in collaborative writing surface products, Claridge continues to create tools that integrate the digital-to-physical experience, and provide our users the absolute best solutions for all types of environments.

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