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Iron Age Office was born from a joint collaboration between Sean Dineen and Michael Stephens. Sean was raised in Manchester, England and received a B.A. Honors Degree in Graphic Design from Sheffield University. After graduating, he decided to head across the pond to coach soccer for Challenger Sports. Who knew that three months of coaching soccer could be such a life changing experience!

During his time coaching, Sean lived with a different family of one of the kids he was coaching each week. This is how he met Michael Stephens, owner of Southern Machine and Fabrication Company. Michael and Sean became friends quickly and decided to combine Sean’s keen eye for design and Michael’s core manufacturing process, thus Iron Age Office was born.

Thanks to Sean’s hatred of “generic,” flimsy and poorly made furniture you see across corporate America, and Michael’s offering of a small space in SMF, Sean started building desks for small orders. IAO quickly went from an idea to real life. Over time Sean realized there was a higher need for American-made industrial products for commercial spaces, and officially caught the American dream bug. IAO now prides its self on being the powerful alternative to mainstream brands.

Sean set out to increase IAO’s design portfolio from just desks and shelving to large multi-person workstations and shelving solutions for the ever-changing, ever-growing workspace.Iron Age Office has shown and continues to show extreme growth. Transitioning from 300 sqft to 20,000 sqft within 3 years, Iron Age is now moving into a new 80,000 sqft workshop. The growth of the company has created jobs for a large team of skilled professionals that handcraft works of art for large commercial spaces across the United States and Canada. IAO has been fortunate to work with brands such as Jack Daniels, Budweiser and Orange theory to help them create a powerful workspace.

Sean had a vision for IAO from the beginning and believes that not only do CEOs and owners of companies need to have nice spaces, but the employees need to be proud of their work environments as well. IAO is proud to employ people in the U.S. to build amazing pieces of furniture that allow all companies to be excited and proud of their office space.

"The best thing for me, is that I am able to provide jobs to people who love what they do. We have turned a hobby into a profession where they can be creative and make works of art every day." –Sean Dineen, CEO Iron Age Office.


Iron Age Office (IAO) is dedicated to crafting office environments that are as unique as you are. Our products transform simple work environments into beautiful spaces that you and your employees can be proud to work in and show off to clients.

We understand that a workspace is not just a place where work gets done, but a place where creativity and inspiration are cultivated. A place where partnerships are formed and success is forged. Whether it’s a conference room table, a personal desk, or a customized work station, having IAO’s products in your office will give you the confidence to close that deal you've been working on and the inspiration to never settle for less than you deserve.

Choosing IAO means you are choosing our employees as well. Our craftsmanship is something we take pride in and all of our products are made in the U.S.A. right in our warehouse in Cartersville, GA. Our craftsmen take pride in what they do every day and love the fact that they get to create something that is different, yet powerful.

Iron Age | Office has 0 products listed on Hello Raye with 955 total BIM and CAD models. If you do not see a 3D model you would like, you can request a specific model or file format from the product's page.




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